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Friendship Is Essential To The Soul
Friendship is Essential To The Soul
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Notable Omega Men


Bro. Kip Ward, 5th Black 4-Star General, 1St Cdr. AFRICOMMilitary


•  Bro. COL Charles Young (USA, the first to achieve this rank in the US Army & 3rd Black USMA Graduate). 
• Bro. (General) William "Kip" Ward. 
• Bro. (Major General, USA ret.) Mathew A. Zimmerman.  First Black Chief of Chaplains, US Army.
• Bro. (Major General, USA) Abraham Turner.
• Bro. (Rear Admiral) Manson Brown USCG
• Bro. (Major General, USMC ret.) Charles Bolden - Astronaut, graduate of the United States Naval Academy
• Bro. (Lieutenant Colonel, USAF) Guion Bluford - First African-American in Space. He boarded the Space Shuttle "Challenger" in 1983 and performed the first "spacelab mission" on the Orbiter Challenger.


The Arts

• Bro. William "Count" Basie - Internationally known pianist, composer, arranger, and band leader.
• Bro. Sterling Brown - Teacher, poet, writer, Professor Emeritus of Literature at Howard University
, has a special foundation for folk culture and jazz music.
Starred as "luther" in Set It Off• Bro. Carl Rowan - Syndicated columnist.
• Bro. Joe Torry - Comedian, actor
• Bro. Ricky Smiley - Comedian, actor.
• Bro. Steve Harvey - Comedian, actor.

• Bro. Thomas Jefferson Byrd, actor.  "Set It Off" Played Luther.  Also starred in "He Got Game"



Head Coach FVSU Dieonder Clark, former FSU Standout• Bro. De Hart Hubbart - A University of Michigan sprinter; was the first Black person to represent the United States in the Olympic Games (1924).

Bro. Ed "Too Tall" Jones - Outstanding player with the Dallas Cowboys
• Bro. Joe Black - An all-time great Brooklyn Dodger baseball pitcher. In 1952, he had the lowest earned-run average in the Major Leagues.
• Bro. Charlie Ward - Heisman Trohy winner and NY Knicks guard.

• Bro. Steve "Air" McNair - Outstanding quarterback with the Tennessee Titans.
• Bro. Hank Aaron - Home-run King who broke Babe Ruth's record.
• Bro. Shaquille O'Neal - Star center with the Los Angeles Lakers.
• Bro. Jerry Ball - Player with the Oakland Raiders.
• Bro. Cedric Maxwell - Outstanding professional basketball player with the Boston Celtics and other teams.
• Bro. Leroy Walker - A
U.S. Olympic coach (sprinters) for many years.
• Bro. John Salley - Won NBA Championships with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls
• Bro. Keith Jackson - Outstanding football player with the Miami Dolphins.                               
• Bro. Mark Duper - Another fantastic Miami Dolphins player.
• Bro. William Floyd - Fullback for the Charlotte Panthers
• Bro. Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - Former Outstanding NBA Guard
• Bro. Dieondre Clark - Former football standout at Florida State and current Head Coad of Fort Valley State University 



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